Marketing Plans

So your tasked with creating a marketing plan? Longwater and & Company has over 30 years of experience writing and creating marketing plans and strategies to excel the modern business. There are many, variations in the format and outlines for marketing plans today. Typically, however, you should expect our team to deliver you a written marketing plan that would include the following sections.

  1. Executive Overview
  2. Market Review: Trends overview, Market segments, Target market (primary and secondary)
  3. Competitive Review
  4. Product and Business Review
  5. Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  6. Goals and Objectives: Sales objectives, Marketing objectives
  7. Strategies: Positioning, Product, Pricing, Distribution, Communications/Promotion/li>
  8. Action Plan and Implementation: Media plan, Budget, Schedule, Assignments
  9. Evaluation: Lead tracking systems, Sales reviews

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