MOL (America) – Testimonial

To whom it may concern:

I have known and worked closely with Longwater and Company and their staff for almost 20 years. Elaine and Anastasia in particular, have been instrumental in bringing a unique branding to MOL America for our North American Liner services. In an industry that is difficult to dress up and make trendy, Longwater has used their creativity to put MOL’s image as one of the most recognized in the business. Our Alligator logo has worn many hats from print ads to web placements to brochures and beyond that highlight the imagination behind the work.

Longwater & Company has taken the time and made the effort to understand our business so as present to present our vision to our markets. With global headquarters in Tokyo and USA headquarters in California, they made themselves available to brainstorm, create and work around budget constraints in order to get the tasks accomplished.

While I myself have moved over to the field side of our company business, the 20 years that I dealt with Elaine and Anastasia in the Corporate Advertising and Promotion area were marked by pure professionalism and constant creative proposals. There are many reasons for strong business relationships to continue and grow and in the case of Longwater and Company it is dedicated people who understand MOL’s requirements and become part of the company culture.

If given the opportunity to work with Longwater & Company, I am sure you will find they will truly be a partner you can trust for the long term.

James C Galligan

VP Pacific Services,
MOL (America) Inc.