ODR – Video

Every year over 57 million people suffer mental health disorders. But, less than 1/3 of adults and 1/2 of the children suffering ever receive mental health services.

Doors slam shut!

Mental illness carries a stigma that forces people into silence, shame, and isolation. With no guidance or knowledge of existing programs to help them, they are left to suffer in crisis. Repeated hospitalizations, homelessness and incarceration fill their lives and devastate their loved ones.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness – NAMI, GA and the Opening Doors to Recovery project – ODR – are here to close gaps and prevent habitual relapse. ODR is a non-profit, public-private, recovery oriented pilot project being conducted in 34 counties in Southeast Georgia and whose goal is the reduction of the habitual, deep-end, subsistence persons with mental illness find themselves trapped.

ODR and NAMI, GA, along with The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, The Department of Labor, CSX, and GA’s Region 5 Community Service Boards, are
working to create sustainable, community networks that will fill the gaps, making recovery possible for a person suffering with a mental illness.

With a trusted, community-circle-of-support in place, ODR’s participants can leap past the shame of mental illness to become meaningful contributors to their communities.

Stigma, Shame and isolation end.

Recovery happens.

Doors open.