The Art & Business of Creating “Face Value”


We are a curious bunch!

Our curiosity is what keeps us looking for new ways to keep our clients moving forward.

We want to know what makes your world tick from the ground up! We use the answers to traditional marketing questions as a springboard to explore possibilities that create new opportunities:

  • What are your near and long term business goals?
  • What is your market standing?
  • What drives customers to buy your services or products?
  • What drives some customers to choose your competitors?
  • What is your market environment today?
  • What are future trends?


Once we move beyond conventional thinking, the fun begins!

We are now free to explore the question that fuels our creativity and guarantees brand sustainability:

What service and/or product can you offer that customers might not even know they want or need?


We are powerful mediums of expression!

The key to success is our uncanny ability to quickly prioritize and translate an imaginative, well-crafted message across all appropriate branding channels.

Expressing the results of our work, Melani Arpin, Exceptional Dentistry of the Golden Isles, said, “Our practice experienced a 70% return on our branding investment (ROI) within one month as a result of our partnership with Longwater & Company.”